Chessboards and Chessboard Pieces

03/18/2013 20:44


           The game of chess is easy to learn and difficult to master. It has been a staple of many civilizations for thousands of years. The materials used for the board and chess pieces that encompass a set have been varied according to region and resources available at the time. Chess still has as strong a following modern day as it did thousands of years ago. Chess sets can be made out of a variety of materials from metal and wood, to crystal and marble. When buying a chess set, a consumer must consider the amount of actual use that the board and pieces will receive, if any, and how much they’re willing to spend.

            Some chess sets are mass-produced and are made out of plywood and plastic, while others can be made out hand carved granite and contain a unique chess piece or multiple unique pieces. It all depends on where, how, and by who the chess set was made. Some chess sets also include a built in or included in box clock to restrict the time allowed for each player to make a move. If a consumer wants to buy a more modern set, a digital chess clock is a viable option that allows multiple settings and players to participate in a game.

            Boards in a chess set are usually considered secondly to the chess pieces. A quality chess piece can be made out of wood, stone, metal, or any material that will allow extended periods of use and abuse depending on the purchaser’s preference for playing. If the chess set is to be used for display a variety of decorative chess pieces are available for commercial purchase, and in some cases, are hand made upon request. The pieces can vary in form from traditional figures to more modern or specialized sets.

            If portability is the issue, a vinyl chess board may be the best option. They are easy to roll, store, and carry for the chess player on the move. If a consumer doesn’t plan on moving their chess board from location to location, heavier, more substantial materials are used in production. Chess sets can go from extremely light vinyl boards and plastic pieces to sets cast from metal or stone that can weigh hundreds of pounds. A consumer or player must consider the purpose and location of the chessboard they’re going to purchase.